High Voltage! Nude Boxing!


High Voltage!

Nude Boxing!

Extreme Milking Electrified Boxing Catfight!

Two busty boxing babes!

Special electrified boxing gloves!

A violent shock that goes through the body of the fighters with every blow suffered!

Boobs always under attack!

One match to win it all...

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

This is the Fabulous World of PandoraCatfight!

This is an amazing new PandoraCatfight story!

The fantastic drawings of the great artist Franzderojas!

Edited and translated by the mythical TravisBroski!

An incredible and unprecedented Nude Boxing experience!

An extreme and merciless fight!

Violent blows to the breasts, milk gushing like a raging river and very velvety steaming bodies devastated by the electric current!

Dress elegantly.

Choose your favorite sexy girl and place your bet.

The start bell is about to ring.

The most incredible and exciting boxing match of all time begins!

30 pages of comics with history!

25 pages of extra content!

12 pages of mosaics with details!

Plus many, many additional content!

Original designs without texts!

Designs in Flat Colors!

Drawings in black and white!

And the sketches!

For a total of 162 Pages!

Nudity, milk, violence and extreme action, only for adult!

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162 pages
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High Voltage! Nude Boxing!