Tender... Nude... Wrestling!


Tender... Nude... Wrestling!

Nude! Extreme! Milk!


The crowd screams!

The girls enter the ring!

They are completely naked and ready to all for Win!

Girls and boys!

Welcome back to the fabulous world of PandoraCatfight!

A wild wrestling meeting without limits!

Two girls forced to fight!

Nude, beautiful and both experts fighters!

Great clashes between boobs!

Milk that flow copiously!

Incredible wrestling moves!

And as always ... Only one winner !!!

Buy your ticket to enter the arena!

Take a place in the front row!

Prepare you to remain upset by this incredible struggle!

47 Pages of Comics With History!

43 Pages of Extra Content!

14 Pages of mosaics with details!

For a total of 124 pages!

Nudity, Milk, Violence and Extreme Action, Only for Adult!

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124 pages
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Tender... Nude... Wrestling!